Well, here I am

I decided to commit to one post a week as an attainable goal for 2018. It’s not that I don’t love writing or that I don’t love writing about my girls, but 2017 kicked my rear. It was “go, go, go” all. the. time.

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression around May because my perpetually crying daughter was sucking the joy out of me. I’m a pretty hopeful person, but I felt overwhelmed and stuck many times this year. It’s hard to turn that into a blog post that isn’t just whining.

Annie crying Collage.jpg

Life is still fairly fast-paced, but I’m giving myself a deadline to post every Sunday. This week I wrote in a Planner/Journal I received from MOPS. On the cover it say’s “All The Things” and it has a place for journaling, planning goal setting, helps with decluttering, games to play with your kids – it’s seriously all the things.

Instead of using the Calendar feature to write out a schedule I’m using it write one main memory from each day.

Here is this week:

12/31: Played Pieface and the Fart game with Vivi and Evie. Much laughter was had by all.

1/1: This one is censored -lol But, it involved some one on one time with my man.

1/2: Evie had a screaming meltdown because I tried to help her get toothpaste on her toothbrush. Epic meltdown!

1/3: Vivi said three verses in Awanas and got another jewel. Carol said two after I helped her.

1/4: We looked at houses. I dream of changing our fixer-upper situation with something more manageable with small kids.

1/5: Met with Melody and Stacy for dinner at Provisions. Love them and am so thankful for their friendship.

1/6: Tré spent the day with his guy friends, but came home to help with dinner and bedtime. Annie was horrible about going to bed. We have to fix the bedroom situation. Took Vivi to see Wonder. Tré and I decided to refinance and use the cash to fix the house up how we want. We’re changing the laundry room back to a bedroom.

1/7: Today is our 11 year anniversary of Tré’s proposal. Annie is 11 months old and is taking steps more and more. It’s the 13 year anniversary of my divorce, but I hardly thought of that. I’m thankful for the new anniversary and how much it supersedes the old.

Well, that was our week. I’m going to go ahead and publish this so I can get to the seven baskets of laundry I need to fold before calling it a night.

Man works from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.

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